George Mason High School

COVID-19 Information

March 18, 2020


Dear Mustang Families,

Good evening. As we navigate through this unprecedented time, we thank everyone for their willingness to practice flexibility and patience. George Mason High School is a community where we support one another. This past week has proved that to be true in every possible way.

The George Mason Team will be launching full-time distance learning starting on Thursday, March 19th. We will continue to use Schoology as our learning platform. We will be reviewing and reinforcing material that has already been introduced in class. We have focused on our five core content areas (Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Languages, and English). Elective courses have also provided resources and materials for students. To enhance this experience, we have provided additional resources to our teachers as well as set up office hours to allow students to contact their teachers. Please note, students are not required to use office hours but teachers will be available to answer any questions during this time.

The instructional materials included in the Schoology courses are designed to reinforce concepts that have been learned throughout the school year or delve into topics that students have prior knowledge of but have not had time to explore in-depth. Teachers will not be live streaming or providing direct instruction online via Schoology but will be available to video/audio conferences with students. The lessons are self-directed, allowing students to work through the material and coursework independently. Many lessons contain video links, web links, and readings that will be used to support students’ learning. By focusing on reinforcing previous concepts, we are thoughtfully using this time to help us prepare for the end of year assessments and thereby allowing us to re-engage in our IB/AP/SOL aligned teacher-directed instruction when students return to George Mason.

Beginning this Thursday, March 19, teachers will be available during office hours. Teachers may use this time to reach out to students who have previous missing assignments. Teachers will also provide meaningful feedback to promote student engagement.

Digital discussions via Schoology Conferences Student Directions for Schoology Conferences


8-9 a.m. -- VPA, CTE, PE/HEALTH/FLE

9-10 a.m. -- World Languages/ESOL

10-11 a.m. -- Social Studies

11 a.m. -12 p.m. -- English

12-1 p.m. -- Virtual Mustang Block/Special Education

1-2 p.m. -- Math

2-3 p.m. -- Science

3-4 p.m. -- Counseling/Student Services

Online Communication via Schoology

Within Schoology, there is a feature for teachers & counselors to hold 1:1 audio or video conferencing with students. Staff have the ability to initiate this feature and will do so as appropriate with students. Students can also communicate with all GM Faculty via Schoology messages and email.

School Counseling

School counselors will be accessible during office hours and will be monitoring email and Schoology messages throughout the day. They will also be providing 1:1 conferencing as needed with students. Our counselors have posted a folder titled “School Counseling Support” on the Counseling Class of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 courses in Schoology.

Student Services

For our students receiving Special Education or ESOL support services, case managers & related service providers will be in touch with you directly. If you are not sure who your student's case manager is, or have any questions regarding Special Education, you may contact Mrs. Sia Knight, Special Education Administrator at knights2@fccps.org.

All IEP Case Managers and Related Service Staff (Speech, OT, PT, Behavior Specialists, Counseling, School Psychologists...) will be holding "office hours" for online/virtual and email support for your students. Your student's IEP Case Manager and Related Service Providers will be reaching out via email to touch base with you about resources and supports for your student over the next few days. Your student has access to all of the instructional resources provided to their grade level, in addition to additional support resources from their IEP Case Manager based upon their individual needs. If your student is in need of additional support or help please reach out. Please contact your child's IEP Case Manager or our School's Special Education Administrator with specific questions. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this together. This is new for us all, but our goal is to ensure that our students with disabilities are supported given this unique situation facing us all. There will be bumps and we will work through them, so please be patient. This is an evolving plan and we will be providing updates as we receive them. Please visit our FCCPS Special Education, 504, ESOL Page on Thursday for additional resources and information.

Technology Support

If you need technology support while at home, please reach out to the following staff members:

Schoology Support(Accessing folders, adding students to courses, etc.) - Mr. Steven Knight - knights@fccps.org.

Technology Support (Laptop concerns, connectivity challenges, etc.) - Please submit a ticket to our IT Team - http://bit.ly/2INO0hR

Please feel free to reach out to our team below with any questions. As we move forward in our Distance Learning Plan, please know there may be updates for our students. We will communicate all changes and updates via Schoology to our students as well as via this newsletter to families.

Thank you.

Upcoming Schedule:

March 19th - April 3rd: Distance Learning

April 6th - April 10th - FCCPS Spring Break (no Distance Learning)

April 13th: Teachers return for PD

April 14th: Students return to school

Matt Hills - hillsm@fccps.org

David Serensits - DSerensits@fccps.org

Ilana Reyes - reyesi@fccps.org

Sia Knight - knights2@fccps.org

Julie Bravin - BravinJ@fccps.org

Maria Sneed- sneedm@fccps.org


The GM Admin Team

mARCH 14, 2020


Today, March 14th and tomorrow, March 15th, our schools will be open from 9 am to 4 pm for families to pick up technology devices, medications, food. Each of our schools shared their specific Distribution Plan yesterday.

Those plans are also on all of our websites and the FCCPS App.

We have created FCCPS COVID-19 clearinghouse areas for the dissemination of division-wide and school-specific information. You can easily find these areas by:

Please follow the schedule established by your student's school for this process. This schedule ensures everyone's safety and support social distancing practices - try to stay 6 feet from one another, and be kind and patient.


March 13, 2020

Dear Mustang Families,

As we announced earlier, FCCPS will close from Monday, March 16th through Spring Break with students scheduled to return on April 14th. We will, of course, reassess our operational status prior to that date.

This Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am-4 pm, George Mason High School will be open for medication pick-up, food distribution for families in need, and any additional items students may need during our school closure. Administrators will be stationed in the library, medication will be available in the Health Clinic and food distribution will take place in the Mustang Cafe.

Monday-Wednesday: ALL buildings will be shuttered and there will be NO instruction. Think of this as similar to a 'Snow Day' without the snow. During this time our staff will be finishing up the transition to online instruction which will begin on Thursday, March 19th.