Effective Immediately:

Due to the Mandatory COVID-19 School Closures the Falls Church City Public Schools will not schedule in-person enrollment appointments for NEW students at this time. Please follow the process steps below to register your child. The Registrar(s) at the building(s) where your child(ren) is/are being enrolled will reach out to you with more information after they receive your online pre-registration information. In the meantime, please feel free to contact the school's Registrar for more information if you have additional questions. 

See Contact Information at the bottom of this page.


Parents of current FCCPS students who will be returning the following school year will receive a SnapCode email on July 1, 2020 to register their student(s). If your email has changed please let the Registrar at your child’s school know by emailing them at the contact below.

Please Note: The registration process for returning students will NOT require proof of residency. However, if questions arise during the year about residency then FCCPS reserves the right to require parents to provide proof of residency at any time. FCCPS will continue to do two residency mailings (one in the fall and one in the spring) and follow up on any residency concerns e.g. returned mail etc.


Welcome to Falls Church City Public Schools! The following registration process pertains to NEW students registering to Falls Church City Public Schools. This process is NOT required for students transitioning grade levels from one FCCPS school to another within the division.

Please Note:

  • All parents of NEW students will need to fill out the Pre-Registration Form
  • Full Registration opened on June 1, 2020, for NEW students and will open on July 1, 2020, for Returning Current FCCPS Students.
  • FCCPS does not accept walk-in registrations. Due to class placement decisions and other considerations, we cannot facilitate same-day registrations. Students will start the day following their registration appointment.
  • Jessie Thackrey Preschool students must first be accepted into the program. Do not register until you have contacted the school and the student has been accepted into the program.

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Please confirm that your address is within the Falls Church City limits; please note that there is a difference between Falls Church, City Proper, and Falls Church, Fairfax County. Click here to be transferred to the Falls Church City Real Estate Assessments Mapping site.

Step 2: Pre-Registration

Once you have obtained and confirmed residency in Falls Church City, you may begin to fill out the information required in the Online Pre-Registration portal. The Online Pre-Registration is also available in Spanish. If you need assistance in another language please contact the Registrar for assistance via Language Line (phone interpretation service)

Please NOTE: New families will start with the Online Pre-Registration. The Pre-Registration site will verify your Falls Church City address. You will need an email address in order to register your child online. If you don’t have an email you can create a free gmail account here. No documents are uploaded during Pre-Registration. Once the Pre-Registration is approved the school Registrar will send an email with the link to the Full Online Registration. At that time parents will upload the required documents from Step 3.



Step 3: Gather Required Documents

All required registration documents should be electronically submitted when you fill out the online registration form in Step 4. Please scan these required documents and upload them to the online registration platform. If you are having difficulty with the upload you may email them to the school registrar(s) noted below in order to expedite the subsequent enrollment appointment process.

Proof of Birth: An original birth certificate is required (copies not accepted)

  • If a birth certificate is not available, an Affidavit Birth Certificate Form with substantiating documentation is required.
  • The legal name of the student, as shown on the original birth certificate will be entered in the student record.
  • Changes to an original birth certificate must be supported by a court document.

Proof of Residency:

Each New Family to FCCPS must provide Proof of Residency by producing evidence of a Property Deed (settlement papers) with a current utility bill or Rental Lease with a current utility bill. Utility bills may include: power, water, or gas. Please note: Phone bills are NOT accepted. The Affidavit for Residency Form can be found at this link.

  • If the family is living in the residence of a friend/relative, the homeowner/leaseholder must provide a notarized affidavit and his/her lease or deed. An affidavit by the student's parent stating temporary residence is also required.
  • Parents must notify the school when their home address changes and provide proof of their new residence. If families move out of Falls Church City, children are no longer eligible to attend Falls Church City Public Schools (FCCPS).
  • Physical presence of the parent in the residence of the child is required for tuition-free enrollment in FCCPS. A change in enrollment status may be necessary if a parent initially enrolls the student but leaves Falls Church City.

FCCPS may request additional information from parents of NEW students to FCCPS to substantiate residency, and if necessary, you will be contacted. Examples of acceptable documents can be found below.

  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Property Tax Bill Statement
  • Utility Bill (power, water, or gas. Please note: Phone bills are NOT accepted)
  • Voter's Registration Card or Driver's License
  • Lease Statement
  • Mortgage Statement

If a child has no regular, fixed residence but resides within the school division in a temporary shelter, institution, or place not ordinarily used as a residence, FCCPS may accept an alternative form of address that is considered appropriate by school officials.

FCCPS Non Resident Tuition Program

FCCPS Tuition Rate: (2020-2021 school year)
Tuition Application Fee: $150 per student non-refundable application fee

To ensure that taxpayer funds are used to support students residing within the school division, any person who makes a false statement concerning the residency of a child can be found guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor.

Previous K-12 School Records:

School records and/or original transcripts are required of secondary students. It is also recommended to provide records for elementary school enrollment. Recent periods of non-school attendance must be accounted for. If a translated document is submitted, the original document in the original language must also be supplied.

  • Secondary Transcript (if applicable)...
  • Course grades up to the date of withdrawal...
  • National, state and standardized testing records (SOL’s, CogAT, NNAT, STAR, WIDA, etc.)...
  • Any ESOL, Gifted, SPED, 504 records...

Health and Immunization Records:

All students must have the following health and immunization records prior to being enrolled at FCCPS. For a complete, text version of the FCCPS and State of Virginia Immunization Requirements, please click here.

  1. Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form MCH-213 F, certificate of physical examination completed by a licensed physician, licensed nurse practitioner or licensed physician's assistant within the twelve months prior to the date the child first enters a U. S. public kindergarten or elementary school. The physical examination report must be complete, include results of required screenings, and Certification of Immunization including complete dates (month, day, year). Need a blank VA Immunization Records form? - Click here. Please note that the Virginia General Assembly (Spanish Version) requires all females entering 6th grade to have the HPV vaccine.
  2. Falls Church City Public Schools has the following tuberculosis screening requirements which must be officially documented:
    • Negative PPD or negative chest x-ray within 90 days prior to registration for all students who have resided in a foreign country for five or more consecutive months over the last five years. Not sure if you need a TB test? Please see the attached High TB Burden Country List 2020.
    • Any positive PPD requires a negative chest x-ray

Step 4: Fill Out Online Registration (must be completed before appointment time):

Once the Pre-Registration is approved the school Registrar will send an email with the link to the full Online Registration. At this time parents will upload the required documents from Step 3.

The Online Registration site gathers all the introductory information for each student. Your submission will be reviewed by the school Registrar and, once approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you. The Online Registration form must be completed and approved before an enrollment appointment may be scheduled. The Online Registration is available in Spanish. If you need assistance in another language please contact the Registrar for assistance via Language Line (phone interpretation service)

All required registration documents (listed above in Step 3) should be electronically submitted when you fill out the Online Registration Form. Please scan/photograph these required documents and upload them to the online registration platform. If you are having difficulty with the upload you may email them to the school registrar in order to expedite the subsequent enrollment appointment process.

Step 5: Enrollment Appointment with the School Registrar

Registrations are completed by appointment only. The student must be accompanied by the person with whom he/she lives at the time of enrollment, either a parent or a court-appointed guardian or legal custodian. The accompanying adult may be required to present photo identification and Proof of Residency.

Once you have completed Step 4 above and received your approval email from the Registrar, you may email or call the Registrar listed below who is located at the building where your child is to attend school, to schedule your enrollment appointment. Step 3 lists in detail the documents that are required from you at the enrollment appointment. If you do not have all of the documents and immunizations that are required in Step 3, you will not be able to register and will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

If you are enrolling during the school year, the student will be able to start school the day AFTER the appointment in which all documents are received. In addition, during the month of July, all appointments must be coordinated through the School Office.

Please note that registration requirements and practices may be slightly different from one FCCPS school to another. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please reach out to the registrar(s) below for support. FCCPS welcomes you and looks forward to having you as a member of our school community.

Registration Questions

If you have questions regarding student registration please contact the registrar at your child's school below:

School Grades Registrar Number Email
Jessie Thackrey Preschool Pre-K Marie Baroody 571-395-8612 JTPregistrar@fccps.org
Mount Daniel Elementary KG - 2nd Nora Pishner 703-248-5640 MDESregistrar@fccps.org
Thomas Jefferson Elementary 3rd - 5th Debra Newman 703-248-5660 TJESregistrar@fccps.org
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle 6th - 8th Karina Avila (Aug-June)

Tish Pugh (July)

George Mason High 9th - 12th Leah Kirk 703-248-5526 GMHSregistrar@fccps.org