Does George Mason High School offer school tours and/or shadowing?

George Mason High School offers school info sessions and tours a few times a year. Please see when our next info session and tour will be held here. We do not offer classroom shadowing. We also encourage families to view our school and district calendars to find public events that match your prospective student's interests and your busy family's schedule. These events truly are the best way to get a feel for our school environment, culture, and community spirit! Events range from athletic events, musicals, concerts, ESL parent meetings, talent shows, art shows, robotics competitions, school board meetings and much more.

Our district and school websites have a plethora of information available to you, housing the answers to almost any question. We also recommend visiting The Lasso, the official student newspaper of George Mason High School, our District Social Feeds, and subscribing to the FCCPS Morning Announcements. All of these amazing resources explore what's new and relevant within our school and community on any given day.

For the birth certificate requirement, it says you need an original. If I bring that to you, will you return it, or do you keep it?

We will view the original and return it to you after making a copy for the student's cumulative folder. We will note on the copy that the original was viewed and by who.

How do students get to school?

You can find bus schedules for all schools, as well as the option to contact our transportation department with more specific questions, on the FCCPS Transportation page.

My family and I are in the process of moving to Falls Church and we would like to schedule an appointment for enrollment.

Unfortunately, we do not schedule enrollment appointments until you’ve established residency AND completed the online registration. You will be contacted by the registrar once your registration has been approved notifying you of when your appointment may be scheduled.

We are considering a move to Falls Church City and would like our student's transcript reviewed.

Transcript reviews to determine transfer credits, graduation progress, courses needed, etc. is only done at a student's enrollment appointment, which occurs after you have established residency and completed the full registration process.

We will be attending George Mason High School this fall and would like our student to complete any placement tests he can now at his current school. Can we arrange that?

It is not George Mason’s practice to do placement tests prior to any student arriving at George Mason, nor are placement tests a standard for enrollment. If we feel one is needed, we will arrange for the student to take the test during/after the student's enrollment appointment with his/her counselor.

I submitted two registrations online at the same time, one for the middle school and one for the high school, but I have heard back from only one of them so far. Is that normal?

Each school's registrar has very different timelines as to when he/she is able to begin processing new student registrations due to current demands on their schedule. Some can begin in early April, others have to wait until August. Please know you will be contacted as soon as the registrar is able.

I have printed out the VA Health Form MCH 213G. I was told by our embassy doctor that he can do the physical and fill it out. Is that the case?

That is correct for U.S. embassies. These forms can be completed by any U.S. licensed physician.

Do you have many students who transfer in from overseas and international schools?

Yes, we have many!! George Mason has a very transient community comprising of many military, State Department, and other foreign service families. Each year we register anywhere from 75-150 new students, half of whom traditionally come from an overseas or international school.

We have an international exchange student who would like to attend an FCCPS school in the Fall. Does George Mason HS have room for an exchange student at this time?

We are sorry, however, George Mason is not accepting any exchange students at this time.

My student will have completed his PE requirements before coming to Falls Church and is looking to enroll in just a driver's ed component as an 11th grader. Can you tell me if this is possible?

Yes, this is absolutely possible and done quite frequently! The student may take Drivers Education as a stand-alone course or, if eligible, take the course online via VADETS.

Have a particular question not found here? Send an email to GMHSRegistrar@fccps.org.